All packages save nearly 15% over individual pricing and include basic retouching upon request. 
(Basic retouching will remove blemishes and soften lines).
Custom retouching is available at $35/hr.
(Custom retouching can include but is not limited to:
removal of stray hairs
whiten teeth
remove scars or moles
minimize double chins and other imperfections.
background dropouts
Photography Hourly Rate:
$70/hr (min 2 hours), billed in 1/4 hour increments after 2 hours.
Individual Print Pricing:
Large Prints
16x20 = $40
11x14 = $25
Medium Prints
8x10 = $9.00
5x7 = $6.00
Small Prints
4x6 = $3.00
wallets (2) = $1.25 (For example: 8 wallets = $5.00)

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